We are delighted to offer you this intimate and informative collection of interviews called The Sacred Science of Sound, with 16 best selling authors, scientists, energy experts, empaths, musicians and bioenergetics masters, including a special interview on sonic geometry and a concert page for your listening pleasure. Relax, Rejuvenate, And Regenerate! Be Inspired, Be Ignited. The entire Sacred Science of Sound Series is available to you to purchase and keep in your personal library beginning today.

Receive the Healing Power of Music, Sound Vibration and Energy Medicine and Create Harmony and Well Being in your daily life!

A Note from your Host:

Dear Friends of Sacred Sound,

I invite you to take the opportunity to purchase this amazing series for the benefit of an incredible 501c3, educating young people in a unique degree program of education and service.  There were many requests to be able to view the series again, and I gave much thought to creating the most honoring way to do this. I decided to use the money from the sale of the series to fund educational scholarships for young people. I have created The Dylan Sage Scholarship for future leaders at the  Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute, in San Francisco, an innovative new four-year college that offers bachelors and master’s degrees. Minerva’s mission is to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world; to teach practical knowledge, critical thinking and lifelong learning habits; and to teach students to use their education to make the world a better place. One innovative feature of their program is that after spending their freshman year in San Francisco, the students move together to a different world city every semester, such as Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, London, and Taipei. My dearest son Dylan would have loved to have received a college education from Minerva and I felt it most fitting that the sale of the series goes to fund education for bright young innovators and future leaders.

In the words of Dr. Daniel Levitin, New York Times best selling author, neuroscientist, musician and record producer, and Founding Dean of the Minerva College of Arts & Humanities:
I believe so strongly in our mission, that I left a tenured position and two endowed chairs at McGill University (the #1 public university in North America) to become the Founding Dean of Arts & Humanities. Our Founding Dean of Faculty left a tenured position at Harvard. Other professors and administrators have come to us from Stanford, Cambridge University, Penn, and other world leading institutions to apply what we learned in those positions to build Minerva.

We offer admission to any student who meets our admissions criteria regardless of the student’s financial background, and we cap tuition at $13,500/year, a fraction of what private universities charge. Even so, the majority of our students are on financial aid, and we rely on the support of donors like you to fund scholarships. Minerva is a 501(c)iii nonprofit, and so all contributions are tax-deductible, and every dollar we raise goes straight to students — we don’t take out any money for overhead or administration.
The young people who attend Minerva are an astonishing group of future leaders, innovators, public policy makers and game changers, who have a desire to devote themselves to being both good scholars and good citizens.

Students in San Francisco have worked with the homeless. Zichuen Chi, a student from China, is interested in economic policy and improving conditions in emerging economies. After spending a semester in Hyderabad, he says “Before Hyderabad, it was interesting to read about emerging markets in a textbook. When I was in Hyderabad, to see emerging markets in person felt different. The city is abound with opportunities for growth and development, and immersing in it gave me new perspectives on economic growth, cultures, and development.”
Minerva’s Class of 2019 studied in Berlin one year after Germany enacted its open-door migrant policy. Many of these immigrants need to receive an education to allow them to integrate with German society, but they did not have the qualifications to attend German universities. As preparatory steps, an NGO compiled a list of online courses they could take to help them begin studying for university degrees, but many of the immigrants had trouble with them. A group of Minerva students created their own online course on how these immigrants can succeed in online courses. Now, 1500 people per year take this course, enabling them to become familiar with the format and learn how to successfully navigate a digital student experience before taking on more complex subject matter.

Help us to help our students who come from more than 60 countries to obtain a top tier education, to become critical thinkers, and to learn how to make the world a better place.


Meet Our Guest Speakers!

Barry Goldstein

Using music and sound to balance and enhance heart and brain coherence

Jonathan Goldman

We Are All Sound Healers

Neelam Minocha

Unconditional Love and Alchemy Heals The Soul

Eileen McKusick

Health from an Electric Perspective

Dr. Sue Morter

Embody Inner Wisdom. Embrace True Healing. Unleash Your Magnificence.

Rebecca Rosen

Spiritually Dressed in Sound Vibrations

Dr. Daniel J. Levitin

Brain Science and the Healing Power of Sound

Deva Premal and Miten

The Medicine of Mantra

Rickie Byars

The Frequency of Flight

Anita Moorijani

The Transformational Power of Love



An Improvised Life

Gregg Braden

From Chaos to Coherence with the Healing Power of Sound

Kevin James

It was Perfect, It will be Perfect, It is Perfect

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, M.D.

The Heart of Wellness

Matt Kahn

Love Heals Everything

Lee Harris

Sound of the Soul