Jeralyn Glass, Vocals

From the new album Vibrance ( releasing 11/11/19) featuring Laurence Hobgood, pianist, Jared Schonig drums/percussion, Matthew Clohesy, bass

Lyrics by Jeralyn Glass and Laurence Hobgood, Music by Laurence Hobgood

Vibrance — we perceive; Perception — we believe.

Hearing that is seen, Seeing that is heard — and felt;

A word, a touch, a color . . . of sound.

Vibrance — frequency; electric — you and me.

See the light of sound, Hear the sound of light — a space;

A pulse, a bridge, connection . . . to love.

Knowing that there is infinity to our humanity,

Awakens in us all the radiance of our divinity;

Brings peace, reveals the truth.

Vibrance — inner star; Embody who you are —

Walking in this Light, Lighting all you see — reveals

Beyond the light, beyond the mind, the vast and shining wonder.

That is You.

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