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Subject: The Sacred Science of Sound

Dear (Name),

Because you are interested in this topic, I knew you would want to see this. It is an unusual group of guests brought together to share profound, soul soothing and truly practical information.

My friend/colleague Professor Jeralyn Glass has put together this powerful, free interview series, The Sacred Science of Sound featuring some incredible guests including New York Times best selling authors, teachers, world renowned musicians, healers and doctors who are sharing their personal stories, experiences and teachings on the healing power of music, sound vibration and energy medicine to ground and elevate you, and transform your life.

The authentic conversation and information is a one of a kind series, truly from the heart !

The interviews are about 60 minutes long, and you can listen from anywhere!

I loved sharing conversation with Jeralyn about ….[Your topic, our conversation) I know the other guests have fascinating titles and spoke from their experience how healing music, energy medicine and sound vibration can make remarkable changes in your life. These certainly did for Jeralyn who lost her only child 5 years ago. Music and energy medicine was her way through the anguish. This powerful series of interviews is a vibrational gift, inspiring new ideas to anchor the Frequency of Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Joy in every cell.

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You will also receive special gifts –and surprises. Jeralyn has prepared this series in honor of her son and the love is palpable.

You won’t want to miss this free life changing series. Visit [your affiliate link] to get access now!

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My friend/colleague, Jeralyn Glass, internationally known singer, crystal sound meditation leader, inspirational speaker, sound healing practitioner and teacher blending a classical career with healing and meditation is hosting a free online video interview series called The Sacred Science of Sound.

Why this series?

In 2015, her life took an extreme twist of fate when she lost her only son, and her life became a path of negotiating the grief and the excruciating loss.
In honor of her son and the profound healing which Music and the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls have brought to her personal life, she was inspired to host an online event called:

The Sacred Science of Sound:

Create harmony and well-being through the Healing Power of Music, Vibrational Frequency and Energy Medicine and invited me to be a part of it. I am honored to be one of the guests interviewed for this very special series. I invite you to join me and gain access to this authentic, heartfelt, intimate and empowering, one of a kind online event.

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Join me in conversation with Jeralyn Glass as a part of her phenomenal interview series, “The Sacred Science of Sound.” www.sacredsciencesound.com
16 amazing personalities share intimate conversation around Creating harmony and well-being through the Healing Power of Music, Vibrational Frequency and Energy Medicine
You don’t want to miss this. Gain FREE access to this one of a kind, authentic, inspirational and educational video series here… Your affiliate link

Join me in conversation with Jeralyn Glass! In her #sacredsciencesound –– Video Interview Series –– we discuss #thehealingpowerofmusic, #soundvibration, #energyhealing, #healingsounds, #mantra, #energycodes, #crystalcadencela, #meditation, #mindfulness. Discover tools of healing and transformation, grounding you and raising the vibrational frequency in your body at the cellular level #grounding, #sacredscienceofsound, #heavenearth, #healingmusic, #crystalsingingbowls, #lifeisperfect, #tuningyourbiofield

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Tune in to my Conversation with Jeralyn Glass as we discuss…….
Watch my interview with Jeralyn…

#grounding, #sacredscienceofsound, #heavenearth, #healingmusic, #crystalsingingbowls, #lifeisperfect, #tuningyourbiofield, #mantraasmedicine

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