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About Neelam Minocha – Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master and Channel, Group Facilitator and Mentor, and Radio Show Host in USA. Founder of Circle of Light, now spreading our light globally with Circles in London, USA, Middle East and South Africa. “I am a Rainbow, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer and Channel. I have many missions here on Earth. I have come to anchor in the new consciousness – The highest vibration and energy of unconditional love, joy, abundance, balance, inner peace and freedom – The energy of “Celebration”. As a rainbow energy I have the gift of high creativity, instant manifestation, and bring through the energy of unconditional love in my energy work. We are here to heal, to raise the vibration of the planet by anchoring the 5th dimensional template, and directing humanity into the higher frequencies of love, compassion and unity consciousness. In my one to one and group sessions, I transmute and transform the energy within the mind, body, and spirit using various alchemy tools, sound resonance, vortexes, different fractals of light coding and bringing through the vibration of compassion, unconditional love and grace, which then creates balance, peace and flow within the body. I work with an array of incredible and beautiful Higher Beings from many other dimensions – many Star Collectives, Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and powerful Divine Feminine Goddesses. We are a team to help humanity shift and evolve to a higher vibration of love, unity, peace and 5th dimensional reality. My mission in this lifetime is to touch as many hearts as I can with love and compassion and help individuals let go of their self limiting beliefs and embrace their gifts and true potential. I believe every human being has a unique gift that they bring to this world. It just needs to be uncovered and awakened. I believe in empowering people by showing individuals the beauty and truth of their souls. Love is the most powerful healer of all, love unites, love heals, and love is our ultimate truth.

Past Life Regression Journey with Channelled Healing Throughout the Meditation- Releasing Past Life Trauma and Stuck Energy.